TravelCreed provides service to all aspects of the travel industry through innovative technology, smart investing and creative solutions.

TravelCreed exercises forward thinking business practices to make travel more accessible to people around the world.


A creed is the defining principle by which an idea stands. It sheds light on values, strengths, and fundamentals.

TravelCreed is a name that defines a company with a strong belief in the ability of travel to lift economies, expand imaginations, open minds and spread happiness around the world.


The travel industry has its own creed - customer centric services, customer service excellence, passion for what they do, helping and educating humanity and defeating socioeconomic challenges. Without these core principles guiding its trajectory, travel would struggle to earn the hearts of billions.

TravelCreed brands each represent a need in the travel industry. Through our brands, services, technology and solutions we aim to elevate the industry to make travel more accessible to more people.

TechTuners delivers technical expertise to the travel industry including software services and technology.

Brand2Fly provides important branding and marketing services.

TravelsBond is B2B marketplace and a collection of unique travel content for all markets.

HYE:BYE is a B2C marketplace and lifestyle portal with activities, transfers, lounge passes and more.

Sporty Destinations creates complete sports tour packages for destinations worldwide.