What is TravelCreed? To make it simple: TravelCreed is a family of brands which work together to improve the overall travel industry. TechTuners provides technology consulting and services for the travel industry, Brand2Fly provides branding and marketing services and HYE:BYE is a B2C lifestyle portal. These brands come together as TravelCreed.

TravelCreed has created a software called REZY that allows travel companies to manage operations. This software exists in different versions, each version suited to the needs of different travel service providers. We also provide a team of developers who help do any number of technical support including building applications, created infrastructures, testing existing software and more.
What is Travel Technology? Travel technology is a general term used for any technology specific to or used in the travel industry. For us the primary form of travel technology would be the booking platforms and ERP systems used by travel companies (travel agents, tour operators, travel service providers) around the world, platforms such as this includes our own product, REZY.

Travel technology also includes ticketing systems for airlines, custom built applications for booking, POS systems, API integrations, CRMs, account software, payroll systems and more. Our team of travel technology experts are simply technology experts with an emphasis in travel. If you're looking for a technical support team, feel free to contact us.
What is REZY? REZY is our back-office solution for all travel providers of all types from tour guides and haunted houses to airlines and travel agents.

REZY comes with three options, each one purpose-built to address the needs of the different aspects of travel. REZY24 is built for travel service providers, REZY100 is built for travel management companies, REZY360 is built to add travel to loyalty management systems.
Why Travel? At TravelCreed we believe in the importance of life experience. By working in the travel industry, we stand to build it to be better, stronger and more capable to deliver quality travel experiences to more people. We want to make the world better by providing access to much needed travel to expand the mind and open the heart.
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