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B2B & B2C Businesses

Add our preloaded content to your inventory to enhance package deals and give more choices or add your own supply to help offload distressed inventory with one of TravelCreed's marketplaces.

With this unique relationship, clients and partners have access to TravelsBond's preloaded inventory with the ability to add it to their existing selection to create more enticing packages.

HYE:BYE.COM takes the moments between the quick "Hi" and the quicker "Bye" to Make Moments Special.

Book activities, airport transfers, airport lounge passes and more at HYEBYE.COM and make your next vacation, business trip, reunion or day off, special.

With HYE:BYE.COM E-CONCIERGE if you own a boutique hotel, information center or transport hub, HYEBYE.COM can make your Wi-Fi landing page or website into an activities booking engine for customers and visitors looking for something to do.

Customers will login to your Wi-Fi, accept your terms and conditions and be directed to a private label website with your branding and HYE:BYE.COM’s feed of local travel and tourism related options.

This requires no additional support staff, IT infrastructure or technology from you, just let us handle everything and you can start earning a portion of sales as your customers benefit from the convenience.

TRAVELSBOND is a B2B travel content consolidator that collects and distributes the largest, most diverse collection of travel content on the market.

TRAVELSBOND distributes the content through TravelCreed's SaaS platforms Rezy24 and Rezy360 as well as B2B partnerships.

TRAVELSBOND's unique and rich selection offers travel businesses a wide variety of packages from which to choose. Whether new to the industry or an established brand, partners can rely on TRAVELSBOND's content to build a sound and profitable customer base with this wide range of important content.

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