TravelCreed is led by natives and veterans of the travel industry with decades of business expertise and is eager to not just adapt trends but lead them.

TravelCreed provides travel businesses with powerful end-to-end enterprise technology strengthened by time, sharpened by critics, encouraged by trends, weathered through endurance and sculpted with passion by travel industry visionaries.

The REZY platforms provide end-to-end enterprise solutions to different businesses in the travel industry. Each platform is cloud-based and can be accessed from any internet capable device. Users can make inventory changes, reservations, update pricing, check contracts, contact customers and more on the go, at home or in the office. REZY is the complete solution for all travel and tourism businesses in need of managing their complete mid office systems with future-ready software.


Add travel rewards to loyalty programs

REZY360 is a comprehensive platform that gives customers exclusive access to membership point redemption for travel options. Companies are able to program their own rules and trade-in options for their specific membership programs. Customers login to their accounts, access their rewards, view their balances and trade in for travel rewards. Companies can also use REZY360 to integrate a feed of travel options to their existing rewards program.

Managers control what options are available to customers from a feed of preloaded content and added travel options from business partners. Manage accounts, view rewards and adjust rules as desired.

Reward loyalty
with TRAVEL.

Don't let accrued loyalty points go unused - encourage program participation by adding travel options. Travel options are a popular commodity when it comes to loyalty programs. Entice spending and encourage point redemption for any membership rewards program by adding flights, cruises, transfers, activities, hotels and more to your rewards system with REZY360.

REZY360 allows custom point redemption values for specific offers and members, customer profiles, purchase history, professional documents and receipts, access to preloaded travel content and added cash payment options.


  • Financial Institutions
  • Car Rentals
  • Hotels
  • Loyalty Coalitions
  • Airlines
  • Credit Card Companies


For travel management companies

REZY100 is an all-in-one reservation system and business solution for travel businesses supported by a powerful booking engine with access to GDS providers, hotel aggregators, car rentals, activity bookings and more to help your business gain an advantage over competition.

REZY100 is a single contact point for travel agents and tour operators to access all-inclusive travel and tour options including flights, hotels, car rentals, activities, airport lounge passes, transportation and more. REZY100 is fully functional reservation and business management system that allows users to compete with the giants of the trade.

The system is a low cost, low investment software based in the cloud and accessible on any internet capable device.
Comes with complete B2B, B2C and sub-agent capabilities.

REZY100 is a dynamic engine strong enough to power any travel management company and bring them from the tedious nature of the past into the bright simplicity of a technological future.

REZY100 provides complete end-to-end automation for travel management companies including travel agents and tour operators. The simply designed but intellectually capable SaaS technology carries users through all stages of travel management.

From the first inquiry, a customer profile is created with a CRM. Travel managers follow up with leads and book packages with access to their inventory including GDS providers, car rentals, hotels, transfers, activities and more. Agents can send out branded itineraries, charge clients, manage payments and follow up for feedback. Users store traveler data to help market to them for important events with stored preferences for traveler itineraries.

The cloud-based solution gives users the ability to instantly confirm customer bookings and provide travelers with a branded itinerary. These can contain schedules, pick-up locations, points of interest and more. Create vacation packages with preferred suppliers or optional preloaded content to give travelers the complete experience.

For Travel Agents & Tour Operators:

Create quotes

Confirm reservations

Create inventive and creative packages for customers based on purchase history

Access a global
inventory of content

Integrate your own content with preferred business partners

Connect to leading GDS providers, hotels, car rentals, activities, suppliers and more


  • Real-time inventory views
  • Text message and email reminder capability
  • Booking confirmations
  • Date range pricing
  • Accessible from different offices
  • Price management
  • Payment Gateway
  • Preloaded content
  • Powerful CRM with long-term history
  • Load inventory and services
  • Manage contracts
  • Cultivate personalized travel recommendations
  • Easy-to-use
  • Cloud-based technology
  • Control cancellations, penalties and fees
  • Manage group bookings
  • Track accounts, invoices and bills
  • Website design services by Brand2Fly
  • Currency conversion
  • Manage feedback
  • Sub-agent community

Generate manifests, expense reports, staff schedules and more with a few clicks. View profit and loss reports in order to adjust offerings based on profitability.


Accept tour and travel reservations around the clock with an optional B2C web portal for reservations. Let customers book their own reservations online through the portal and manage their vacations through the back office system.


REZY100 enables you to view inventory availability in real-time to avoid overbooking. The solution also provides real-time price controls to offer last-minute discounts to eliminate distressed inventory.


The built-in CRM within REZY platforms automatically creates customer profiles. Even after the trip, stay relevant by offering tailored vacation and tour packages based on interests and purchase history.


Instantly provide customers with reservation details along with personalized itineraries complete with tour pickup locations, flight details, car rental confirmations and more.


REZY100 gives users access to marketplaces TravelsBond and HYEBYE.com. TravelsBond is a B2B network and provides optional preloaded content to enhance vacations packages and customer offers. HYEBYE.com is a B2C portal which offers an optional outlet to help travel managers offload distressed inventory and an additional stream of revenue.


In addition to REZY100 , TravelCreed and TechTuners offer two other platforms that serve different aspects of the travel industry. REZY360 provides travel rewards to loyalty coalitions and membership rewards programs and is used by banks, loyalty coalitions and membership programs around the world. REZY24 provides office automation and online reservations capabilities for growing companies in the travel industry including activities providers, hoteliers, car rentals and more.


For travel service providers

REZY24 is a complete solution with an inventory management module and booking engine capabilities. REZY24 empowers businesses to create and manage their inventory, update pricing, maintain descriptions, add images, keep in contact with clients and offer a B2C option on their websites for an additional stream of revenue.

REZY24 gives operators the ability to upsell and cross-sell with incentivized discounts, packages and promotions. The simply designed but technologically powerful service is a cloud-based platform. Update inventory, track sales or offer deals on the go, at home or at the office.

With REZY24, customers will be able to include a user's business in their travels when they confidently book online knowing they have reservations in advance.

REZY24 gives businesses of the tourism industry an advantage by adding an easy-to-use platform to their web presence.

With REZY24 activity providers, transfer services, tour guides, chauffeurs, hospitality businesses and other travel services providers are given the ability to maintain highly detailed inventory with descriptions, requirements, restrictions, taxes and images of the inventory. This inventory module can also feed into a hosted B2C portal to allow travelers to book through the company website.

Inventory created in REZY24 can also be added to TravelCreed Marketplaces including TravelsBond, giving inventory access to travel management companies around the world, and HYE:BYE.com where anyone can book activities or transfers.

Most vacations are booked online or with travel agents and REZY24 gives travel businesses a way to access that key market in the travel industry.



  • Hotels
  • Car Rentals
  • Lodges
  • Inns
  • Activities
  • Theme Parks
  • Bed & Breakfast
  • Attractions
  • Vacation Rentals
  • Tour Guides
  • Ferries
  • Chauffeurs


  • Manage inventory and scheduling
  • Ecommerce integration & Marketplace access
  • Secure platform
  • Edit listings with detailed information
  • Cloud-based technology
  • Up-sell and cross-sell capabilities
  • Offer discounts and promotions
  • Set rules, regulations and requirements


  • Receive promotions and discounts
  • Book online
  • View purchase options
  • See important details
  • Secure payment gateway