Vacation Sales Specialist
Hyderabad, India
Job description
Take an unwavering passion for travel and turn it into a career as our Vacation Sales Specialist! As a Vacation Sales Specialist, you will work from our sales offices to promote and sell destinations, vacation packages and activities to global travelers, tour operators and travel agencies. This position will be in-office with a team of travel technology experts who coordinate with a global network of travel service providers, suppliers, websites and tourism operators to package and sell incredible and unique travel experiences to globe trotters of all kinds. Our audience is international so multi-lingual is preferred but not required.
  • Knowledge of travel
  • Experience in travel industry
  • Patient, professional and responsible
  • Well versed in the essentials of basic technology (Microsoft, PC/Mac, Search Engines)
  • Maintain company standards, policies and procedures
  • Communicate with marketing team for clarity and success
  • Attend occasional trade shows and events
  • Send emails, answer/make phone calls
  • Connect with potential customers
  • Engage with public
  • Provide support for potential travelers
  • Coordinate with full international support team
© 2019 TravelCreed
© 2019 TravelCreed