Tourism Boards
Guiding travelers to
your destination
In the competitive digital travel space, tourism marketers need to encourage hospitality suppliers to more effectively sell the destination through business automation.
Tourism boards can take the lead by encouraging their community to provide and sell the visitor information travelers are looking for.
Control the destination content
Our solution enables tourism marketers and their suppliers to create and sell customized packages, all with no financial liability. This one-stop customized travel solution will have hospitality businesses in your destination on the same page, resulting in increased visitation.
We also help grow visitation by providing destinations with valuable insights and data into customer trends. Our platform gives users the freedom to control the destination content, increasing repeat tourism and attracting a new generation of visitors.
We give hotels a digital concierge by integrating pre-loaded destination content that highlights activities and things to do in their area. Our system comes complete with valuable pre-loaded travel content and the ability to customize product offerings and promotions.
Inventory Management
Built-in inventory module gives tourism boards the freedom to create their own packages, using their own suppliers and travel content.
24x7 Support
Sometimes a phone call is required, other times a quick email is enough. Whatever works best, works for us. Our travel support includes chat, email, help desk and call support for any issue that might arise whether it be technical or booking.
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