All-in-one travel management
for your business
Customized Integrations
REZY360 powers your business with B2B and B2C portals, booking engine, iCRM, inventory management, loyalty & rewards software, pre-loaded global travel content, pricing controls, 24/7 customer support, and more.
We operate a travel e-commerce platform that provides businesses with distribution, technology, payment, and other easily integrated solutions.
Manage Employee Travel
REZYCorp gives businesses a customized all-in-one travel management solution for employees by streamlining the process of booking travel.
Our software’s powerful all-in-one tools save businesses valuable time that improves the bottom line.
A solution built for total travel management
Our platform is built on the belief that travel businesses should offer equal attention to staff, partners, resellers, suppliers and customers. Our profile management system gives administrators the power to manage, create, delete and edit profiles for up-to-date accuracy.
Review employee work logs, save edit history for customer bookings, evaluate progress and track efficiency through REZY360.
Maintain a full database of partner profiles including Resellers and Sub Agents and review purchase history and bookings. Upload inventory connected to chosen Suppliers and Vendors and store all contracts for quick access.
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